Extreme Temperatures Headed for Brampton This Week


Anyone who has been outside lately can attest to the fact that it’s been unseasonably hot outside for this time of year in Brampton (this weekend was so hot!). It’s true - summer is having its last hurrah before fall weather officially kicks in, and some extreme ups and downs in temperature are set to hit Brampton this week.

Hopefully, you’ve been keeping cool this September and drinking plenty of water. You’ll be in good shape for the first few days of this week, which are set to continue to unseasonably hot trend.

According to the Weather Network, the heat will continue today, tomorrow, and on Wednesday, and take a turn from there. The rain on Wednesday seems like it’ll bring some cooler, more fall-like temperatures with it. 

Or, another way to spin it - we’ll be in shorts and tank tops today, and blanket scarves and fall boots by the end of the week.

Stay hydrated and try not to get sick with the extreme weather we have in store this week, Brampton!

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