Fake Nurse From Brampton Receives Jail Sentence


A Brampton woman has been sentenced to two years in jail for impersonating a nurse and performing harmful injections on three women.

Shiva Ashkani, 43, was found guilty on eight charges in 2017. These include assault with a weapon (syringe), aggravated assault and fraud.

She claimed on her Kijiji page that she was a registered nurse with 13 years of experience, as well as 21 years as a medical cosmetician in Beverly Hills, Vancouver and Toronto.

Three women came forward all with horrific stories about the after effects of the injections and substances Ashkani used on their faces.

Susan Carpenter was one of the women who saw Ashkani on two separate occasions. She received injections and a chemical face peel from Ashkani in her home and place of business in Brampton. She was shown credentials which she later found out to be falsified. It was only after an acid rejuvenating peel was applied to her face that she noticed something was wrong.

The substance started burning, causing pain and swelling.

"I was in such excruciating pain with whatever substance she applied to my face that it was physically impossible to endure," Carpenter wrote in her impact statement. "It is also unknown what was injected into my face on either occasion."

Her face was left swollen and overtime developed open weeping sores and infections beneath the skin. Despite the numerous painful treatments she received, there will be permanent damage and scarring to her skin for the rest of her life.

Due to a history of mental health issues, including suffering from a bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, Ashkani underwent a 30-day psychiatric assessment last year to determine if she was mentally fit to be sentenced.

When doctors concluded that she was fit, she was sentenced to two years less a day and three years probation last month. During her probation she must work with a probation officer and is prohibited from providing any cosmetology services to anyone.

Ashkani denies harming anyone and claims that she is the victim in this matter.

She has prior convictions for assault with a weapon and aggravated assault in Newmarket.

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