First Gym of its Kind Opening in Brampton


While we all know fitness isn't always fun, we definitely know that a few gyms do it right when it comes to attracting customers who are looking to pair their workout with a unique experience.

Toprock Climbing, which opened its doors at the end of March, is the first rock climbing gym in the city and one that's ideal for a host of residents.

Want to host a kid's birthday party? You can do that.

Want to try climbing for the very first time? Not a problem.

Want to indulge your climbing addiction in inclement weather? It's good for experienced climbers as well.

The gym offers day passes ($20 for adults and $17 for students)  and rental shoes ($5). Climbers can also rent harnesses for $8. Toprock also offers family passes for two adults and two children under 13 for $45.

People interested in climbing more frequently can also purchase memberships. For adults, monthly memberships cost $55 and yearly ones run a relatively modest $600 (so about half the price of a membership at a typical hot yoga studio, to give some perspective). Families can join for $1,400 a year or $140 a month and students can climb for a little less at $47 a month or $510 a year.

The gym also offers complimentary weekly training and technique classes.

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