Flights Out of Pearson Airport Could Be Affected By Snow


Even though today is the first day back to school for many students and adults back to work, there are still people flying out to various destinations, be it for vacation or business purposes.

But you should be vigilant that there may be some delays pending, especially if you have decided to fly down to the United States.

Pearson Airport is warning passengers to arrive three hours earlier before your flight to the States, all the while reassuring the public that operations are currently normal.

Flying with us this afternoon or evening? Operations are normal, but there is a possibility of snow in the forecast. If you’re travelling to the United States, we recommend that you arrive 3 hours before departure, including for early morning flights,” the tweet said.

There is currently a freezing rain warning for the GTA this evening. A weak band of light snow at times mixed with ice pellets that affected the area from midday into the afternoon is expected.

Another reason that may affect US flights is the Trump government shutdown that’s been in effect since before Christmas. TSA workers in the states have to work without pay, but some employees have been ‘calling in sick’ which has led to delays such as this at LaGuardia Airport in New York.

Check your flights on the GTAA website to make sure it’s still on time.

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