Flood Watch Officially in Effect for Brampton


If you live near a waterway in Brampton, you should note that a flood watch is in effect.

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) says that 10 to 15 mm of rain is expected from Wednesday through Thursday.

The precipitation will start as freezing rain before transitioning into rain. Freezing temperatures will climb to zero around midday on Thursday and may hit the double digits by midnight before temperatures cool off again.

CVC says the Credit River is slowly receding from the rain and snowmelt experienced this past week.

"Most of the ice in the river had broken up resulting in ice jams at the Barber (Paper) Mill Dam, Eldorado Park and Meadowvale," CVC says. "The high flows and ice jams resulted in flooding along the Credit River at McLaren Road, Ferndale, Inglewood and Glen Williams."

CVC says the forecasted rain and warmer temperatures on Thursday may melt the remaining snow pack, and the freezing rain will increase water levels along the Credit River.

"The main concern of the higher flows is the potential for the remobilization of the existing ice jams. Areas susceptible to ice jams may include but not limited to: Glen Williams, Norval, Huttonville, Eldorado Park, Churchville and Meadowvale," CVC says. 

Freezing rain will create slippery conditions. Local streams and rivers will become dangerous, especially in the vicinity of culverts, bridges and dams.

People—especially children and pets—should stay away from all watercourses.

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