If you love wine, food, and wine and food together, you’ll be excited to hear that a very classy event is coming to Brampton this week!
Who doesn’t love free food and a fun event to go along with it? 
A popular celebrity chef who hails from Brampton, and has already set up one restaurant here, is behind a brand new, unique snack bar that’s taking shape in the downtown core.
You’ve probably been wrapped in your blanket scarf with a toque on since Starbucks released their pumpkin spice latte at the beginning of the month, and now, Timmies has upped its game for fall!
Food is always exciting, especially when it’s accompanied by a festival!
Big news in the quick-service food world!
It’s that time of year again! Grab your toque and your hipster glasses (you know, the ones without the lenses), because Starbucks has brought fall back to Brampton…in the summer. 
Downtown Brampton’s food scene is hot, and one restaurant has closed its doors for a little while to amp up its game by undergoing renovations.
If you enjoyed last year's much-anticipated (and wildly successful) Japan Festival, we have great news for you—the upcoming festival (which is about to hit Peel) is getting an extra day, and that
If you love McDonald’s hamburgers, you’ll want to stop by a location in Brampton on Wednesday to get one for less than a dollar!