Nando's Canada, which specializes in peri-peri chicken, recently announced that it will be closing 21 underperforming locations over the coming weeks. 
A long-standing Dutch grocery store is closing soon in Brampton.
Anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee, a fresh pastry, or a quality bagel may have heard of this popular independent cafe in downtown Brampton.
If you love pizza — as you should — you may find it hard to hear that a deep dish pizza joint is closing down in Brampton. 
A beloved Brampton deli just closed down.
It’s a very sad time for Brampton residents who love Italian cuisine.
Sad news from popular Brampton cafe T by Daniel, as they plan to close down the Bramalea City Centre location by the end of this month.
A popular Downtown Brampton poutine restaurant closed down today.Poutine Dare To Be Fresh! opened their doors over a decade ago and now they are calling it quits.
It's hard for any brick and mortar retailer to stick around at a time when e-commerce is making it more difficult for more traditional brands to stay competitive.
If you regularly shop at a well-known discount shoe store, you will be unhappy to hear that the ailing brand is closing all of its brick and mortar stores (and winding down its e-commerce presence)