It's hard for any brick and mortar retailer to stick around at a time when e-commerce is making it more difficult for more traditional brands to stay competitive.
If you regularly shop at a well-known discount shoe store, you will be unhappy to hear that the ailing brand is closing all of its brick and mortar stores (and winding down its e-commerce presence)
Changes are coming to Brampton Library’s current eBook and eAudiobook offerings. 
It's always sad when businesses with a long standing history in a community plan to go…but it happens, especially when the owners want to retire.
There seems to be a vibrancy these days when it comes to activity in downtown Brampton.
Another one of the big stories that Brampton has seen in 2018 is the number of restaurants closings in the city.
Looking for a place to work up a sweat?
Another brick and mortar retailer will no longer be with us.
If you love to shop for home decor, you might be sad to hear that two more brick and mortar chains—chains which were once popular and common sights in GTA power centres and shopping malls—are in
If you regularly shop at a popular cosmetics store, you might be disappointed to hear that the brand appears to be no more (at least for now) following a bizarre social media post.