Former Brampton Teacher Accused of Making Racist and Inappropriate Remarks


A former Brampton school teacher is set to appear before an Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) disciplinary board following allegations that she made inappropriate and racist remarks to and in front of students.

Julie Gionest, who taught French at Lougheed Middle School in Brampton, has been accused of professional misconduct.

According to an OCT document outlining the allegations against Gionest, the teacher used racial and discriminatory epithets against Muslim, black and white students. Gionest allegedly said "is this what your religion teaches you?" to a Muslim student who was hit by a ball in the gym and also referred to a Muslim student as a "bomber."

The documents also allege that Gionest called a white student "cracker" and "whitey" and referred to a black student as a "thief" and said words to the effect of "all blacks are thieves."

It has also been alleged that Gionest made vulgar and suggestive sexual remarks in front of students.

According to the documents, Gionest once made a hand gesture in reference to masturbation and described a vaginal infection as a "blue waffle."

It has also been alleged that Gionest was heard using profanity, including the words "shit," "hell," "jackass" and more.

Gionest also allegedly discussed sexual subjects with students during class, touching on such topics as the "69" sex act, anal sex, dildos, her sex life with her husband and porn website

Gionest will appear before the panel on Nov. 22.

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