Free Pumpkin Smashing Party Set to Hit to Brampton Soon


While it’s fun to choose pumpkins, buy them, carve them, and lay them out on your front porch for the season, there is one other thing you can do with them that is much more fun (besides make pumpkin pie).

Smash them!

Mark your calendars - The Great Pumpkin Party is coming to Brampton the day after Halloween on Wednesday, November 1, 2017, from 6-8 p.m.

Bramptonians are invited to dress up in their Halloween costumes for one more evening and bring all of their pumpkins to Garden Square.

What happens to your precious pumpkins, you ask? 

There will be a display of pumpkins, lit up one last time for the year. Then, the pumpkins will be prepared for composting at the Great Pumpkin Smash - very environmentally friendly, and diverts your pumpkins from the landfill.

Free activities are promised, such as cookie decorating, free food and exciting entertainment.

Buy your pumpkins now for the Smash, Brampton!

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