Funny Sign About Brampton Spotted at WWE Event in Toronto


When there is a big event in Toronto, it's bound to attract all kinds of people across the GTA, and even throughout Southern Ontario. Last night the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) brought its weekly programs RAW and Smackdown Live to the Air Canada Centre to a sold out crowd.

Typically, we get the smattering of signage from the fans about certain wrestlers, story-lines or the occasional 'Hi Mom' shout out, but last night there was something on display that was typical of the GTA experience, as shown below in this picture of a sign that was caught on camera during a segment with 16 time World Champion John Cena.

So nothing like a little airing of grievances over GTA traffic at a live WWE event to brighten my day. The gentlemen holding the sign is not far off; Brampton had three separate incidents of cars crashing into various structures during the past week, and has one of the highest insurance rates in Ontario...presumably because insurance companies view it as a risky area to drive around in?

Anyhow, nothing like a little typical Canadian self-depreciation mixed in with some good ol' professional wrestling in Toronto.

Photo courtesy of Reddit user SuperkickFiesta

Disclaimer: The following has been reprinted with permission from Mississauga Conversations Corner, a personal blog operated by the author of this article.

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