Bramalea GO Station is Getting a Huge Makeover


If you take transit, you know that Bramalea GO Station is long overdue for development.

It’s true - major improvements are in the works for Bramalea GO, Brampton’s massive transit station at Bramalea Rd. and Steeles Ave. E. 

Our goal is to build a new station that will meet the needs of a growing Brampton Region,” says Metrolinx.

Here’s what Bramalea GO might look like after station improvements.

First, south platform improvements are coming to accommodate 12-car trains, a snow-melt system, platform canopies, and heated shelters. That part of the project is slated for completion by spring 2019.

Planned improvements after that and in the near future include:

  • Approximately 1,250 more parking spaces from a new parking garage integrated with a new station building and reconfigured north parking lot
  • A new, fully accessible station building with elevators, washrooms, tickets counters and waiting areas
  • Improved tunnels and platforms
  • Integrated platform canopies with heated shelters
  • New Kiss & Ride drop-off lane
  • Larger bus terminal to accommodate more GO Transit buses
  • A separate bus loop for Zum/Brampton Transit
  • New signalized intersection at Bramalea Road and an additional driveway onto Bramalea, south of the existing driveway
  • Better station accessibility for bikes and pedestrians

The station building itself is proposed to undergo major renovations to make it larger and more modern.

Currently, there’s no sheltered parking space for users who drive or carpool to the station on their commute. To combat this and create more parking space, the station building is proposed to integrate a multi-level parking garage.

The bus platform is proposed to look more like the Union GO Bus Terminal platform, with next bus times at each stop.

Overall, Bramalea GO aims to transform into a mobility hub that connects different modes of transit, including walking, biking, and riding local transit, and to improve service to the point that trains run every 15 minutes to and from Union Station throughout the day.

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