Group Raising Money After 11-Year-Old Girl's Murder


In the midst of the tragedy of the death of 11 year old Riya Rajkumar, a number of community leaders and groups have taken some gesture and action, no matter how small, in order to support Riya’s family as well as the community at large.

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown has announced that, as a ‘sign of our collective mourning over this horrible act of violence”, City of Brampton flags will be lowered to half mast until further notice.

The Peel District School Board has dispatched Critical Incident Response Teams to Meadowvale Village Public School, where Riya was a student, to offer support to staff and students.

Meadowvale Village PS has also offered some suggestions on how to deal with the grief and trauma, and Neighbourhood Watch Brampton has set up a Go Fund Me campaign with the goal of covering the funeral costs for Riya.

This tragic incident has affected many across Peel Region and the province. Neighbourhood Watch Brampton has set a modest goal of raising $2,500 to assist with the funeral costs for Riya,” as stated on the Go Fund Me page.

Amidst this tragedy, it’s heartening to see the community come together in some way to offer support for Riya’s family during this terrible time.

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