Have You Noticed an “Emergency” at Brampton’s Powerade Centre?


If you’ve noticed a flurry of scary-looking activity around Brampton’s Powerade Centre, you might be wondering what’s up.

Fortunately, the chaos is all staged.

Right now, a slew of city officials and emergency services—including the City of Brampton, Peel Regional Police, Peel Regional Paramedic Service, the Region of Peel, the Canadian Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Alectra Utilities and William Osler Health System—are participating in the emergency preparedness project “Exercise Tempest.”

In an email to inBrampton.com, a city representative said that the incredible devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey left the city with the realization “of the catastrophic effects an emergency or natural disaster could have on our own communities.”

For that reason, the City of Brampton is currently operating a full-scale emergency management exercise to prepare staff, community agencies and first-responders with the training necessary to mitigate, respond, and ensure the safety of residents during a crisis situation.

Exercise Tempest will be the largest emergency preparedness exercise the city has ever lead.

So, how is it working?

The city-wide simulation will replicate the effects of a tornado touching down in Brampton, and will put the city and partnering agencies across Peell to the test.

Because of exercises such as ‘Tempest,’ residents can rest assured that the City of Brampton is ready to face emergencies. Our plans are in place, staff is prepared and well-trained in emergency management, and we continue to evaluate our capabilities. We want those visiting, living and working in Brampton to know that the City is well-prepared to respond to and recover from major emergencies,” the city says.

Here’s a look at the “emergency” unfolding as we speak.

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