Health official urges Brampton residents to reconsider international travel plans


At a September 2 conference, Mayor Patrick Brown discussed additional measures to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis in Brampton.

Today's conference featured Mayor Patrick Brown, Councillor Charmaine Williams and Dr. Lawrence Loh, Interim Medical Officer of Health, Peel Region.

As of September 2, Peel Public Health had investigated 4,358 cases of COVID-19 in Brampton. Of these, 238 are active, 4,058 have been resolved and 94 cases have passed away.

Last week, Dr. Loh expressed concerns about an uptick in cases of COVID-19 in Brampton and urged businesses to put a workplace safety plan in place.

Today (September 2), Dr. Loh confirmed that travel within Canada is permitted, but emphasized the importance of taking precautions and practicing the core four behaviours in the fight against COVID-19.

In line with federal guidance, I urge you to reconsider any travel outside of Canada,” said Dr. Loh. 

If you do return from abroad, self isolate for 14 days without exception.”

Dr. Loh went on to explain that some clusters of the virus that have been seen, occurred when a returning traveller invited others over for dinner before the 14 days were up because they felt well and ended up falling ill later.

One decision leads to many exposures and many potential cases. If you are not feeling well, we encourage you to get tested and to stay home.”

Additionally, Dr. Loh issued a reminder that while being outdoors is “less risky,” it isn’t a guarantee and that precautions are still important.

The precautions are there for a reason. We must stick to them if we want to keep COVID down and our community up and running.”

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