Here Are 5 Cheap Ways You Can Renovate Your Home


Home is where the heart is, so why shouldn’t it look and feel great!

There are also many ways to get creative with your living space. Interior Design Firm Decor Aid and Zoocasa have laid out some inspiring cues to add a more luxurious feel to any room. The best part is that you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to complete them!

These are five cheap ways you can renovate your home.  

5. Update Your Flooring

A fresh floor makes a great foundational starting point! Not only does the right flooring open up the room but it works to define a space and bring out the colour scheme of the room. It is basically the anchor to tie everything in the room together.

Notice how the hardwood in this home ties everything together...

4. Source Second-Hand Stores

Older furnishings are a better-made than new ones plus vintage is the great new trend. Second-hand stores are full of great and unique finds all in a small budget.

Can you notice the vintage feel in this room?   

3. Bring In The Reflective And Light Elements

Mirrors, chrome, glass and crystal elements can add a luxurious statement into any room. It also brightens the room, making any room feel great. Also, instead of relying on standard overhead lighting, think of other ways to add light into the room. Add a variety of lights that are installed at different heights such as, a pendant light, table lamps and candles. These elements will add more warmth and also brighten up the room.

Don’t the windows and glossy table look great in this den?

2. Redesign With What You Have

The best way to refresh a home is to change the layout of the room. Ask yourself, does that piece of furniture would look better in a different place in the house? As Zoocasa points out, "you'll take pride when someone asks you where you got that fantastic new vase that's actually been sitting in your study for a decade, if not longer."

This room was redesigned by arranging mirrors and smaller design elements into a complete design.

1. Add Extra-Long Curtains

Floor-to-ceiling curtains will make a room appear larger and grander that it is because it will add length. You can make a fake wall of windows by just covering a wall with elegant drapes.

Notice how the curtains in this room make the room feel bigger...

Photos courtesy of Zoocasa.

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