Here is Where You Can Throw Out Election Signs in Brampton


Now that the election is over, one question remains: what do you do with all those signs?

Signs don’t come cheap, so it’s a monetary incentive for candidates to get them cleaned up, especially if they are planning to run again in four years time.

Candidates are usually good with picking up their signs, as many have taken to social media to let residents know they are doing so.

But if they don’t come down at least within 48 hours after the election, you can always take them in for recycling free of charge, as confirmed by the Region of Peel.

The region operates six Community Recycling Centres across Peel, with two each in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga.

Here are the two CRC locations for Brampton:

CRCs are disposal centres for waste, recyclable/reusable items and household hazardous waste. The proper disposal of election signs is extremely important for those of you thinking of just leaving it by the curb or dumping them in your apartment’s general recycling area.

For more information on Peel Region’s Community Recycling Centres, click here.

Who’s ready to do some post-election cleaning up?

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