Here's a Sneak Peek at What Downtown Brampton Might Look Like Soon


You may have noticed some very interesting construction in downtown Brampton lately! Well, we have the scoop on what’s happening.

As downtown Brampton undergoes major development and upgrades — a university is coming! — all of the renovations are happening slowly but surely. The City has purchased a building here and a building there, and now, Brampton is literally paving the way for the new developments. 

In particular, there is some construction happening along a stretch of sidewalk on Queen Street West near the four corners. 

This is preparation for a downtown streetscape visual demonstration, a sneak peek at what downtown Brampton might look like in the very near future. 

The demo, though currently a little disruptive to traffic, is set to showcase the following:

  • A green cycle lane and updated road signs
  • A “clearway zone,” or a sidewalk and cafe/outdoor patio area
  • A furniture zone set to have trees in planter boxes and a bench after removal and relocation of the streetlight pole that’s there now

Here’s an idea of what the demo might look like when it’s done, on a bigger scale:

If you take a look at where the green bike lanes are and the increased space on the sidewalks for trees, benches, and pedestrians, that’s basically what the City is going for. 

Here’s a closer look at what the streetscape might look like:

So, you can see the space allotted for a clearway zone, a furniture zone, a rolled curb, a bike lane, and finally, a traffic lane. 

Best efforts are being made to finish as quickly as possible,” a representative from the City told 

There’s currently a Downtown Reimagined store set up at 15 Queen Street West, alongside the streetscape demo construction, that you can visit for more details on all of the upgrades coming to Brampton.

Hopefully, the demo will be set for viewing very soon!

(Photo courtesy of Herman Custodio)

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