Here's How Much Money Brampton is Getting for Hospitals


Health care funding, especially in Brampton, is always a touchy subject. But a recent announcement by the Ontario government may make you feel a bit alleviated.

The Ministry of Health recently announced they were spending $175 million for 128 hospitals across the province to upgrade, repair and maintain their facilities, through the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund.

Ford’s government previously announced health care funding for hospitals in Niagara Region and in Burlington, where the Joseph Brant Hospital received $65 million for its redevelopment.

The health and safety of patients and families is a priority for our government,” said Health Minister Christine Elliott. “That’s why we must make the necessary investments in our hospitals now, to ensure our providers have the facilities they need to continue to provide excellent quality care to patients.”

This funding will help ensure hospitals across Ontario are able to make the needed upgrades, improvements and maintenance so patients and families have access to reliable, quality care they expect and deserve.”

In Brampton, the William Osler Health System received $1,493,004 in funding. William Osler operates three sites at Brampton Civic, Etobicoke General and Peel Memorial Hospital, according to a spokesperson for Brampton PC MPP Amarjot Sandhu.

The spokesperson also confirmed the ministry sent the official funding letters to these hospitals, who will be allocating the funding between hospital sites for the specific upgrades/repairs/maintenance projects in the coming months.

Our government is investing in essential health care projects to ensure the people of Ontario will have health care services they can depend on now and for future generations,” said Elliott. “We will continue to listen to the patients and the people who plan and work on the frontlines. Together, we will create a health care system that works for the people of Ontario.”

Funding for health care has been a hot button issue in Brampton as of late, especially when it comes to the phenomenon dubbed ‘hallway medicine.’ In 2017,  over 4,000 patients were treated in the hallways of Brampton Civic. People often waiting anywhere from 40-70 hours for a bed, were stuck on stretchers in the facility’s hallways.

Recently, a Brampton resident shared personal experiences with the health care system on a Facebook post.

Although the almost $1.5 million for upgrade and maintenance, the issue of additional hospital beds still lingers. There is also concern over the Ford government’s examination into eliminating the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs).

While the justification for doing so is regarding elimination of inefficient bureaucracies, any proposal to emerge about changing the existing system should be examined carefully.

Do you think the $1.5 million for Brampton’s health care facilities is enough?

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