Here's How to Find Out About Road Closures in Brampton


Have you ever been driving in Brampton and found out that a road was closed due to a major event or construction when you least expected it? For anyone who can relate, and anyone who wants to stay updated on road closures in Brampton, there’s a tool for you.

The City of Brampton actually keeps an updated record of road and lane closures that are happening across the city.

You might be wondering what kind of road closures you can find out about.

The answer: any road closures or lane restrictions due to construction work by the City of Brampton or the Region of Peel, or due to major events such as road races or parades.

Updates are provided daily from Monday to Friday.It’s important to note that closures or lane restrictions due to crashes are not listed here!How does it work?When you access the online portal, you’ll find an alphabetical list of road closures in effect across Brampton.Each closure lists where the road closure is, which wards it’s in, when it starts and ends, and why it’s happening.And, you can click a “Map the Road Closure” button to plot the closure on a map.If you’re wondering whether a road near you is closed, there’s a way to do that, too.The portal has a search function where you can type in at least three letters, or a street name, or a ward number, and find all applicable road closures.Click here to find road closures due to construction or major events near you.

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