Here's How to Get Free Coffee in Brampton


Calling all coffee-lovers, caffeine addicts, and anyone who loves free food - one independent Brampton cafe has become a superhero.

It’s true.

Steaming Cups Cafe on George Street is now serving free coffee.

There is a small catch, and that’s when the cafe is serving the free brews.

The cafe is serving free coffee from Monday-Friday from 8-9 a.m. only.

So if you need your coffee in the morning, this is a good place to get it!

Steaming Cups opened earlier this year near City Hall in place of Fruision in downtown Brampton, and they’re already on our radar. They have made our list of Top 5 Cafes in Brampton, and it’s a good spot to cozy up and enjoy some caffeine and a snack or a meal.

You can get a black coffee, a shot of espresso, a creamy cappuccino or latte (helpful hint: try the vanilla latte…so delicious!), or even a specialty tea here.

You can even get freshly baked scones, muffins, or cookies, three different kinds of parfait cups with berries for a healthy breakfast choice, three kinds of freshly tossed salads (Canadian bean - hello protein, garden - hello iron, and Cesar - hello cheat salad), bento boxes, fresh veggie and meat wraps and sandwiches, and even fruit and veggie snack cups for when you’re feeling those late afternoon hunger pangs.

Check this place out - with kind service and good quality food, you won’t regret it.

Enjoy the free caffeine boost, Brampton.

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