Here's How You and Your Partner Can Have a Free Civil Marriage in Brampton


Summer is the time for love, and soon Brampton will give couples a chance to make the ultimate commitment to one another.

The City of Brampton will be holding it's first Pop-Up Simple Civil Marriage Ceremony on June 15. This will be the same day that the city's Farmers' Market opens.

Couples will have the chance to be a part of a non-religious simple civil marriage ceremony conducted in English by a City official, free of charge. The ceremony is usually valued at $200. The marriage licence fee is extra to be covered by the couple.

The event will take place outside City Hall between 10 am to 1 pm.

Couples must have a valid Ontario marriage licence, one piece of photo id, and a signed liability waiver.

Two witnesses are also needed per couple. As this is a casual set up, standing room is available for guests accompanying the couple.

While the event will happen regardless of the weather if conditions are dangerous, the ceremony will be moved into the Civil Ceremony room at City Hall which accommodates up to six individuals, including the bride and groom.

Couples must register in-person at City Hall before June 13. Up to 9 ceremonies are available and spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

For more information about how to register for a marriage licence, you can visit here.

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