Here's How You Can Report Crimes Online in Brampton


The traditional way of reporting a crime to the police is calling 911, and waiting for them to arrive on the scene, take statements and whatever else police need to do when responding to a call.

But with the advent of doing everything online these days, what not add reporting crimes to the police to that list?

Peel Regional Police is advising residents in Brampton and Mississauga that they can submit reports to police through their online reporting system. To use our online reporting system:

  • The incident must have occurred within Peel Region.

  • The value of the property lost or stolen must not be over $5,000.

  • You must have a valid email address.

  • The incident does not involve lost or stolen licence plates or stolen passports.

  • There is no suspect information (e.g., name, licence plate, photo).

  • If you have a suspect, (e.g., name, licence plate, photo) contact Police at 905-453-3311.

Here's a list of incidents you can report to the police online, as indicated when you click the Report Online button on this link:While this makes things easier for the public as well as the police, more serious incidents will still require the traditional method of relaying to police.

Will you still be calling 911 for the police?

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