Here's How You Can Save Some Money in Brampton


If you happen to own a pet in Brampton, there is a good reason to get your dog or cat licensed. Very simply, it is the best way to get your pet home safely if they are lost.

Now, your pet licence can also save you some money as well.

According to the City of Brampton, their Animal Services department has introduced the BluePaw program, a rewards program that offers licensed pet owners special deals from participating local businesses.

When a resident licenses their dog or cat in Brampton, they are automatically enrolled in the program and will receive a special key tag. When shopping at a participating business, members need to simply show their tag before they pay to enjoy the savings.

The BluePaw program was first introduced in Toronto back in 2014, and Brampton is the program's first partner city. Brampton residents are also eligible for offers from Toronto's business members, which are listed here.

Licence fees range from $5 to $40 on an annual basis, depending on the type of animal (dog or cat) and whether it is spayed/neutered and microchipped. There are also senior rates for owners who are 55 years old and up.

Money collected from licence fees helps Animal Services care for the animals that come into the shelter each day.

"You might think your dog is too well-trained to leave your side, or that your cat will never slip outside without you noticing. But each year, Brampton Animal Services receives hundreds of calls about lost pets. Why take the chance? A licensed pet is a safer pet, and the BluePaw program is our way of thanking the pet owners who make the responsible choice," said Amanda Barrett, the supervisor of Brampton Animal Services.

Will you be taking advantage of this program if you are a pet owner…or maybe this would incentivize you to go out and get one?

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