Here's the Latest on Plan to Change This Brampton Neighbourhood


Brampton residents are being asked to provide some feedback on proposals to change an existing neighbourhood in the city.

Fletcher's Creek residents, businesses, schools, community groups and leaders are invited to review the Draft Action Plan and provide their feedback.

The Draft Action Plan will be available online until December 13, with 10 panels to review in total. The feedback collected will help improve the final Action Plan that will be presented to Brampton City Council in 2019.

Here are some panels outlining the vision for the Fletcher's Creek neighbourhood.

Here are the proposed plans for the Fletcher's Creek SNAP. The first is an interpretive trail concept with wayfinding signs, site furnishing, shady trees and naturalized plantings to create an eco-park destination.

The second idea is a streetscape enhancement on McLaughlin Road, specifically along Chris Gibson Recreation Centre.

The third idea is a public school rain garden, and will treat some 191,000 litres of stormwater. The other idea is a butterfly way concept.

The fourth idea is to retrofit existing homes to green homes and foster sustainable landscaping.The final proposal is to set up a neighbourhood association to give residents a chance to organize local events, with Chris Gibson Recreation Centre as the ideal hub for this activity.

What do you think of these ideas for this part of Brampton?

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