Here's What Changes Drivers Can Expect From Brampton's New Roadway Framework


There are some big safety improvements planned for roadways in Brampton. Here’s everything drivers can expect from the changes.

At a meeting on June 12, the Brampton council voted in favour of implementing the Peel Regions Vision Zero framework.

The framework takes inspiration from the original framework, which originated in Sweden in 1997, and has the main message that no loss of life is acceptable.

The system works with all individuals involved in the road systems sharing responsibilities for road safety. This includes politicians, planners, police, public health, community organizations, vehicle manufacturing companies and all road users.

The system will implement what it calls the 4 Es:

  • Engineering: Physical changes to the roadways.

  • Education: Teaching road users how to be more aware of their surroundings and less likely to take risks.

  • Enforcement: Enforcing consequences will deter road users from driving dangerously.

  • Empathy: Helping road users see the viewpoint of others.

The system also identifies 6 specific areas where collisions are more common, and how it plans to address them.


The system plans to reduce collisions at intersections by:

  • Implementing fully protected left turn arrows. (advance green lights)

  • Enhancing Intersection traffic control. (Improving traffic stops)

  • Installing advanced warning beacons.

  • Upgrading pedestrian crosswalks.

  • Creating more roundabouts.

Aggressive Driving

The system will address aggressive driving by:

  • Traffic calming. (More signage, cameras, slow marking etc)
  • More red light cameras.
  • Implementing automated speed enforcement.
  • Police Enforcement.

Distracted Driving

The system plans to reduce distracted driving by:

  • Adding more safety edges.
  • Establishing a Distracted Driving Campaign.
  • Introducing educational program: ‘Heads Up!’

Impaired Driving

Collisions caused by impaired driving will be reduced by:

  • Supporting R.I.D.E.(A new sobriety program in Ontario)
  • Supporting M.A.D.D. 911.
  • Supporting DriveSafe


Plans to reduce collisions involving pedestrians will include:

  • Replacing 2- line crosswalks with ladder-design crosswalks.
  • Adding Leading Pedestrian Intervals.
  • Providing pedestrian education.
  • Peel Safe and Active Routes to School (PSARTS).


Plans to reduce collisions involving cyclists will include:

  • Adding bicycle signals and crossrides.
  • Providing cyclist education. 
  • Providing cycling infrastructure. 

Now that the City Council has approved adopting the framework, the changes to Brampton’s roads will be the next step. 

You can learn more about the Vision Zero framework here.

What do you think of the new changes to roadways in the city?

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