Here's What Ryerson University is Bringing to Brampton


Brampton City Council is aiming to make the city Canada's cybersecurity capital, with some exciting new, incoming expansions.

The latest media release indicates three major developments that will accelerate job growth and innovation.

"This is a very exciting move forward for Brampton, moving important projects with Ryerson University closer to reality," Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown said. “These projects will help spur economic growth, create jobs, and position Brampton as a hub for cybersecurity."

First, plans are underway to offer full certificate programs in the Chang School of Continuing education. The school launched two cybersecurity courses earlier this year both of which were held at Brampton City Hall West Tower.

Next, the Brampton Incubation/Innovation Hub, also held within the West Tower, is nearing completion. Ryerson University is an established leader in innovation and start-up zones, showcased in its operation of 'DMZ,' the world's leading, university-led incubator for early stage tech start-ups.

Finally, the Cybersecure Catalyst, a new national centre for innovation and collaboration, will be launched. The centre aims to be a hub for cybersecurity training, R&D, and public education.

In light of the $6 trillion in damages by cybercrime, and close to 1.5 million infilled jobs by this year's end, the Cybersecure Catalyst hub aims to fix this large-scale issue.

This major development is one reason why Brampton is moving full steam ahead with its vision to be a more connected, innovated and bold city.

The motion will be ratified at Council next week.

Are you excited for these incoming developments?

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