Here's what you need to know about GO Transit's new payment options


Metrolinx has announced its intention to modernize the way commuters pay for their transit fares.

The company that oversees Presto and GO Transit has announced their intention to begin rolling out new payment devices that are capable of supporting open payment--which would allow customers to tap their credit/debit cards or cell phones to pay for their fare.

we’re beginning a phased rollout of upgraded payment devices across GO Transit and 905 transit agencies before the existing ones, which have been in the field for nearly 10 years, reach their end-of-life,” Anne Marie Aikins, senior manager for Media at Metrolinx, says.

However, while the new machines will be compatible with open payment, it won’t be immediately available to customers, as there are still some system upgrades that need to happen first.

We’re currently developing a detailed roadmap for this work which we hope to share soon,” Aikins adds.

Once all the backend and hardware updates are complete, all transit services that utilize the Presto system will be compatible with open payment as well.

Currently, there is no set timetable in place for when open payment options will be available. “We are still working to finalize these plans and will have more information to share in the future,” says Aikins.

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