Here's What Young People Can Do to Build A Future Brampton


If you've been following on big things happening in Brampton, you may have heard about this incredible plan for Canada's ninth largest city: a visioning document of what the city could look like by the year 2040.The plan shows massive redevelopment of Brampton and the build up of several intensified population centres beyond downtown Brampton, with high rise residential development and expanded public transit.But let's face it: by 2040 the main group of people that is most likely to be thinking about what Brampton looks like by then would be young people, or future young people. That is why the city is asking that very group for their ideas on how to bring Vision 2040 to life.

According to the City of Brampton, high school students are being invited to be part of its first Vision Youth Symposium. The event is taking place at Brampton City Hall on Saturday, December 1 from 10 am to 5 pm, followed by a social event from 5 to 8 pm.

They will be given an opportunity to share their ideas on how to bring Vision 2040 to life. Participants will choose an area of interest - environment, transportation, jobs, recreation, health, social issues, or arts and culture - and work together to start developing an action plan for the future.

A free breakfast and lunch will be provided alongside workshop sessions, performances and presentations.

"The Brampton 2040 Vision challenges the City and the community to talk about big ideas, test them out, and make them our own. As one of Canada's youngest cities, our youth are a critical part of those conversations," said Antonietta Minichillo, the city's Manager of Community Innovation and Resiliency.

So if you're in high school and looking to have some say in what a future Brampton should look like, register for the symposium by clicking here.

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