Here's What Your Tax Dollars in Brampton Are Paying For


It's January, which usually means budget time for cities and regional bodies across Ontario.

While that sounds rather mundane, knowing what your municipalities are spending money on is crucial to understanding their primary functions.

The Region of Peel's Proposed 2019 Budget is calling for a net tax levy increase of 3.3 per cent or an overall property tax increase of 1.4 per cent to the taxpayers and a utility rate increase of 6.5 per cent.

Your property taxes is allocated in the following way:

If you're wondering how that would affect your property taxes and utility rates:

The budget will have operating expenditures of $2.5 billion and capital expenditures of $1.3 billion, which breaks down to the following:

  • $909 million operating budget and $34 million in capital budget will be allocated for areas such as paramedics, Transhelp, long term care, employment and housing support.

  • $1.41 billion (operating) and $1.2 billion (capital) for water management, waste management, disease prevention, land use planning and conservation authorities.

  • $186 million (operating) and $39 million (capital) for finance and corporate services.

Here's where all that money is going to:

One set of numbers people might be interested in is the police budget, which has a request for 55 additional police officers:

These are the current steps in the Regional budget process.The budget is scheduled to be debated by Council on January 17, 9:30 am at the Region of Peel headquarters.

For more information on the council meeting and how to make a deputation as a resident, click here.

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