Here’s What’s Replacing A Popular Brampton Restaurant That Recently Closed


A famous Brampton restaurant, which has been operating since the 80s, has been replaced with a new joint.

Since 1982, La Capannina has been a family-run gem that many people thought would stand the test of time. The downtown Brampton resto offered charming, vintage appeal and a classic menu full of delicious Italian mainstays such as spaghetti bolognese, homemade gnocchi, manicotti and veal parmigiana. It also boasts a few unique offerings such as oysters rockefeller, mushroom caps stuffed with lobster, shrimps, scallops and a rotating list of decadent specials.

However, the restaurant was forced to permanently close its doors due to a fire

La Capannina Restaurant in Brampton is permanently close at consequences of the fire. This is not the way that it is supposed to end,” said Chef Massimo Dondi, the owner, on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “I would like to express my gratitude to all the costumers for coming to the restaurant over the 35 years of operation!”

The restaurant, which once offered a mixture of Northern Italian, Southern Italian, and International cuisine, shut their doors on November 2018. 

So, what is replacing the once-popular La Capannina Restaurant?

A new Jamaican restaurant!

Located at 21 George Street North, Yum Yum Jamaican Restaurant states that they are Canada’s only Jamaican all you can eat buffet. The restaurant will open this September, almost a year after La Capannina closed down.

Though there is not much known about the new place, the restaurant will offer Jamaican cuisine at a great price. The all you can eat buffet will only cost $14.99. The joint will also offer many lunch specials for $10 and under. 

Here is a look at the food Yum Yum Jamaican Restaurant will offer:

What do you think about Yum Yum Jamaican Restaurant replacing La Capannina Restaurant?

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