Here's Where Brampton Ranks on This List of Best Cities for Public Transit


Brampton’s a big city which means, unless you own a car, you're most likely relying on public transit to get around.

That said, how good is Brampton’s transit and how does it stack up against other cities?

Tech-powered real estate brokerage Redfin recently ranked the top 15 big Canadian cities (population exceeding 300,000) based on their public transit in 2019.

Brampton comes in at fifth place overall, with a score of 53.

"Transit Score is calculated based on indicators showing that local public transit is both convenient, and runs frequently," Redfin explains.

Neighbouring city Mississauga comes in just above with a score of 56.

The top three best cities are Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, with scores of 78, 74, and 67, respectively.

Hamilton and London come in last, both with scores of 45.

For more information on these rankings and how the scoring works, click here.

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