How Satisfied Are You With Brampton?


The city will soon release a survey on what's important, where they can improve, and what they’re doing well on in Brampton.

Residents will be asked to share their opinions on a range of topics such as the single-most important issue facing Brampton today, satisfaction about service types and ranges, customer service interactions, and spending and taxes.

The 15-minute survey will be open from July 6 until July 26 this year, and is offered in English, French, Portuguese, Punjabi, and Urdu, for residents 18 and older.

The 2015 Community Service Satisfaction Survey showed that Brampton residents are somewhat satisfied with services in Brampton, and that the majority of Bramptonians highlighted traffic as the most important issue facing Brampton in 2015.

The survey of up to 1,400 Brampton residents will include two population groups: a statistically representative sample of 600 Brampton residents who are randomly recruited from an online panel, and up to 800 members of the general public who access the survey through the City's website.

The survey is administered by Environics Research, and can be found when it’s open here.

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