Icy Conditions Forecasted for Brampton Tonight


It looks like the (relatively mild, to be fair) winter weather isn't going anywhere just yet and could gift Brampton and surrounding cities with some freezing drizzle tonight.

According to Environment Canada, there's a 40 per cent chance that flurries could hit some time today and a risk of freezing drizzle overnight.

There's also a risk of freezing drizzle on Monday morning, so it's best to exercise extra caution on your commute, just in case roads are a little slicker than usual.

Despite that wintery unpleasantness (which we should still expect, as we're only into the very early days of March), forecasters expect temperatures to rise throughout the week.

Environment Canada is predicting low single digit temperatures throughout the workweek and a high of 11 degrees on Tuesday.

So, give yourself a little extra time if you're traveling tonight or tomorrow during extra-cold drizzle.

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