Important Parking Changes Coming to Some Areas of Brampton


As Brampton prepares for an abundance of development - with a new university, condos, and an entirely new downtown streetscape on the way - it’s no surprise that changes are coming to accommodate for the construction.

Now, City Council has approved some extended parking garage hours in downtown Brampton prior to construction this fall.

Some of the city’s parking garages will accommodate vehicles for three hours of free parking - so you could save some serious cash.

Right now, you can get free parking in downtown Brampton at the City’s five municipal parking garages Monday-Friday from 7 p.m.-9 a.m., and on weekends and holidays. And, you can park at any of the garages for an hour for free at any time.

As for street parking, the City boasts free parking from Monday-Saturday from 6 p.m.-9 a.m., all day Sunday, and on holidays, with a three-hour maximum restriction in effect.

How will that change?

Recent City Council reports reveal the details.

Starting in fall 2018, a two-hour free parking incentive program would replace the current one-hour free program at City Hall, West Tower, Nelson Square, and Market Square parking garages.

Further, a three-hour free parking incentive program would replace the current one-hour free parking program at the John Street parking garage. According to the City, this garage was selected for this enhanced incentive as it is currently underutilized.

And, the City is slated to amend the hours of operation at the five parking garages to provide free parking from 6 p.m.-9 a.m. and maintain free parking on weekends and holidays.

“This incentive would assist business owners, especially restaurants, whose customers would not have to pay for parking after 4pm,” reads a recent report to Council.Some business owners could also be eligible for discounted parking passes.In total, the new parking regulations would translate to an estimated $7,000 per month in lost revenue for the City.Better wayfinding signage to all of the parking garages is also coming before all of the construction begins in downtown Brampton.The City anticipates more demand for parking with the new university, two-year road closures from Main Street from Wellington Street to Nelson Street West and Queen Street from George Street to Chapel Street, new condos, and the Downtown Reimagined project in the works.The entire downtown parking strategy could cost up to $150,000.
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