Important Update To Brampton's Urgent Care Centre


William Osler Health System's Urgent Care Centre at Peel Memorial is a convenient way to get help from a doctor. So whether you have a sprain, broken bone, rash, cut (that need stitches), eye injury, fever or infection, you can always visit the centre to get the right care.

Located at 20 Lynch Street, the Urgent Care Centre will be changing its hours of operation on August 7. The centre will still open at 8 a.m, but it will stop accepting patients at 9 p.m instead of 10 p.m. The centre will still operate seven days a week, 365 days a year.

According to the hospital, the change aims to deliver a better patient experience.

"With this change in timing, patients coming into the Urgent Care Centre during the last hour of operation - when it is typically very busy - will receive the same excellent care they would during other periods in the day," said Executive Vice President of Clinical Operations at William Osler Health System Kiki Ferrari. "It will ensure patients can be seen more quickly, tests can be performed the same evening and results shared in a timely way, creating a more seamless, positive experience for patients."

The Urgent Care Centre treats more than 200 patients per day. According to the centre, those volumes are not expected to change as the Urgent Care Centre moves to register its last patient one hour earlier.

Since February 2017, the Urgent Care Centre serves people of all ages, no referral or appointment is needed. The centre is staffed by emergency-trained doctors and nurses with high tech diagnostics (including x-ray, CT scan and laboratory services) onsite.

Photo courtesy of Stand UP For Brampton

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