Interim control by-law to temporarily prohibit new group homes in Brampton


Today, City Council approved an interim control by-law (ICBL) which temporarily prohibits both the registration and creation of supportive housing facilities and new group homes in an area of Brampton.

This means that the City will not register any new group homes (type 1 or type 2), nor will they accept any applications for supportive housing facilities.

This will only apply to the area bounded by Highway 410, Bovaird Drive, Dixie Road and Queen Street, an area also known as “Area 10” of Schedule D of the City's Comprehensive Zoning By-law (270-2004).

Brampton recently started comprehensively reviewing group homes and supportive housing facilities.

On November 18, 2019, at the most recent Planning and Development meeting, concerns were expressed by councillors, in regard to the registration of new group home applications prior to the completion of the review.

This could impede Brampton’s objectives for long-term planning which addresses the needs of all Brampton residents.

This ICBL will be in effect until May 20, 2020.

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