Is Linda Jeffrey Getting Help from Doug Ford?


They say politics makes strange bedfellows, but in municipal politics the frequency of that is in abundance.

Former Toronto mayor David Miller, a well known New Democrat, obtained the services of veteran campaign strategist John Laschinger, who has a long history of managing campaigns for Progressive Conservatives across Canada. Laschinger also co-chaired the Toronto mayoral campaign of former NDP MP Olivia Chow in 2014.

In Mississauga, Bonnie Crombie had a Conservative strategist managing her campaign in 2014 and another co-chairing it, though this time around her campaign manager has worked on Liberal election campaigns.

Following on that trend, it appears Brampton mayor Linda Jeffrey is seeking out help beyond just strictly Liberal networks and seeking help from some ‘new friends’.

Jeffrey recently had a fundraiser at the Albany Club in downtown Toronto, a long standing gathering venue for Conservative activists, and was greeted warmly by several prominent Tories, such as former PC party president Richard Ciano.

As well as a prominent operative for Doug Ford’s PC leadership campaign. Mayor Jeffrey’s Brampton roots were touted by one of the men in this picture, who said he was also originally from Brampton.

It’s passing strange that such high profile Tories are gravitating towards Jeffrey, when he main opposition is Patrick Brown, the former Ontario PC leader.

For her part, Jeffrey had this to say about the gathering in this email to

Last night’s event is a demonstration that I am able to work across party lines for Brampton. All 5 of Brampton’s federal Liberal MPs came to my kick off as a demonstration of their support for me. I look forward to continuing my great working relationship with my federal and provincial counterparts to continue to advance Brampton’s interests,” the mayor said. 

It’s been speculated that as the October election gets closer, it would not be surprising to see Ford, or at least close political organizers for him, do something to shore up Patrick Brown’s opponents in order to thwart his political resurrection. also had a call with Jeffrey’s campaign manager on the question of who the mayor is specifically supporting for council. He didn’t name names, but suffice it to say that they were looking to shore up “progressive and fair minded” candidates in the upcoming election. 

We’re done with people who are opposing for the sake of voting against the mayor,” the manager responded. 

The idea of a former Liberal MPP, now mayor, seeking out progressive alliances and backing from Ford operatives, it looks like some epic soap opera is brewing over in Brampton over who gets control of city council. 

I’ll just end with the sarcasm from this well known political columnist.

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