Is This the New Ontario License Plate Slogan?


The wait may finally be over for Ontario’s new license plate slogan.

Sources on twitter say government sources leaked the new slogan; “A Place to Grow.”

Further confirmation that the leak may be legitimate comes from Mike Crawley, an Ontario provincial affairs reporter for CBC News, who tweeted; “The new slogan on Ontario licence plates will be “A Place To Grow.” The Ford government has been trying to keep it under wraps until budget day, but I asked Govt Services Minister Bill Walker today if this is the chosen slogan, and he didn’t deny it.”

Many on twitter have voice their opinions on the potential new slogan, with mostly positive feedback. This could be because the nostalgic meaning the slogan has to it for some Ontarians.

A Place To Grow” is a line from Ontario’s unofficial but loved theme song; “A Place To Stand.” Whether this was intentional or not remains to be seen, but it seems very likely.

Another slogan that was considered by Ford’s government was “Open for business,” though it was never confirmed if that was the chosen slogan.

Many Ontarians have been waiting to find out what the new slogan will be, but they’ll have to wait for the budget meeting on Thursday for the final decision.

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