Jagmeet Singh Wants Ottawa to Pay For Brampton's University


The cancellation of funding for the Ryerson University campus for Brampton has certainly gotten a number of people talking.

Now, a well known native of the city who rose to national prominence is demanding action.

Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is calling on the Trudeau government to save the university project after the Doug Ford government cancelled funding on October 23.

Doug Ford’s cancellation of support for the planned Ryerson U campus in #Brampton will have terrible impacts on the community. We’re supposed to invest in our students, not abandon them,” Singh said in his tweet.

Singh, a former Brampton MPP, was in town for a news conference last week calling for federal support for this project. He said the federal Liberal government in the last three years has not addressed the student debt problem, and now it’s time they “stepped up” for students and save this project.

The university would provide significant opportunities for young people, revitalize the economy and make a big difference to Brampton,” Singh said, citing the Liberals have done something similar in the past for other projects.

With the overall cost being $300 million, we’re asking the federal government to support not only the Brampton university, but the ones cancelled in Milton and Markham as well.”

The Ontario NDP have previously called for the Ford government to reverse their decision.

Do you think the federal government should step in to save Brampton’s university?

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