Judge Rules in Favour of Brampton in Controversial Lawsuit


In a decision that had its roots dating back to the glory days of former Brampton mayor Susan Fennell, a judge today has ruled in favour of Brampton over a $28 million lawsuit from a local developer in the city.

"The City of Brampton is pleased with Justice (John) Sproat's decision, ruling in favour of the city in the procurement process for the construction of the Southwest Quadrant. Justice Sproat found that the city not to be liable and dismissed the action against the city,” the statement reads.

The City's procurement process and the conduct of the RFP were upheld and found to have been undertaken fairly and in good faith.  The City is committed to the integrity of its procurement process, one that satisfies the City's economic and functional interest and is open and transparent to bidders. The City is looking forward to moving ahead with further plans for downtown Brampton." 

Local developer John Cutruzzola, the head of Inzola Group Limited, sued the city citing he was unfairly disqualifed from the bidding process to build an expansion of city hall on the Southwest Quadrant. Cutruzzola cited political intereference from then mayor Fennell as well as the then Brampton CAO

In 2010, Inzola sued the city for $28.5 million in a lawsuit alleging it was unfairly disqualified from the bidding process. The city denies the lawsuit's allegations and sought to have the case dismissed in 2016.

Some eight years after, the trial was launched in September 2018.

Recently, the city decided to put on hold its development plans for downtown Brampton over unresolved utility and infrastructure planning issues.

While that is another issue altogether when it comes to redeveloping the downtown, at least this 8 year long saga from the distant past has finally been put to rest.

For more background information on this case, click here.

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