A group representing amusement fair operators is calling for government support, saying the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a severe blow to its industry.
Canada will spend $440 million to join an international program which is trying ensure COVID-19 vaccines aren't just hoarded by rich countries, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday.
In news that won't surprise you (but will still bum you out), it has just been announced that a beloved local Christmas market will not take shape this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Airbnb says it has suspended more than 40 listings across Ontario as part of its effort to crack down on party houses.
Afeefah Haniff, Colored Walls“Youth are the future and their voices deserve to be heard.”
If you’ve been wondering why so many places are now offering low- and non-alcoholic beer on their menus, the answer is millennials.
As a result of the pandemic, many Canadians have transitioned to working from home, and many don't expect this will change in the near future.
Understanding how auto and home insurance works can be tough, especially in today's day and age where there is so much information readily available on the internet.
The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) is urging Ontarians to be vigilant when it comes to following public health measures including keeping their social circle small to help prevent the spread of
Most Anglican churches and some United churches will be reopening for in-building services this Sunday after spending the summer practising their faith online.