You don’t have to leave Brampton to catch this Canadian tradition on stage this holiday season!
If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, look no further — you could paint something awesome with a glass of wine in hand very soon!
Spoiler alert: the moose in our cover shot is a new part of it!
Since Halloween is officially over and we're a week into November, it's perfectly acceptable to start feeling festive—and to start making some decidedly Christmas-y and holiday-esque plans!
A very unique series of paint night events is happening in Brampton, and one is coming up very soon!
If you were in downtown Brampton on Saturday, you might have noticed some cute holiday lights creating a small light tunnel of lights in McArter Lane.
International award-winning, incredibly detailed, and unbelievably spooky, this is the house you won’t want to miss tomorrow evening!This place is going to give you the creeps. 
If you live in Brampton, chances are you know how much creativity, innovation, leadership, and talent comes from here.
Serpents. Bindis. Headphones.
Have you ever noticed a gorgeous or unique piece of art outside or in a hip bar, cafe or restaurant and wanted to take it home with you, only to be deterred by the hefty price tag?