If the last three months of quarantine has you yearning for a little romance in your life, there's good news--Canadians are getting first access to a new dating app.
If you're feeling anxious about certain facilities reopening across Ontario, and you still want to do your part to stay home as much as possible, there's good news--Netflix is adding plenty of new m
A sweet little show will take place in the skies above Brampton Friday (June 5) evening.
With all of the day’s stresses, it can be tough getting a good night’s sleep in Brampton. However, as it turns out, we are actually part of the most rested population in Canada.
TORONTO -- It's official. Live horse racing will begin in Ontario this weekend.
What sets Brampton apart from other Hometown Hockey stops? It's the young city's record of creating and supporting hockey for women and girls.
A look at some historic wedding fashions from the vaults of Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA)!Here’s a look at wedding fashions through the ages in Peel Region:
The NHL has revealed its Return to Play Plan, which will include a restructured playoff format that will include 24 of the 31 teams in a video announcement released today (May 26). 
Now that the weather is starting to improve, it's going to be difficult to continue abiding by the Province's instructions to stay home unless going out is absolutely necessary. 
Shopper's World, Brampton's somewhat “historical” mall, has been getting a lot of press lately.