Brampton residents now have the chance to share their opinions about audit and repair work of existing Brampton basketball courts as well as potential locations for new courts.
Brampton will be hosting the first-ever annual hockey night very soon. And, many all-star NHL players will be in attendance.
The city is hosting its first Brampton Fashion Week very soon!
Summer is the best time for families to enjoy time together. However, going out can be expensive for some families.
There are currently four parks in Brampton that are under construction.
Get ready, Brampton, because a massive street party is about to hit the city!
Carabram is Brampton's annual multicultural festival with food, entertainment and education.
If you’re a fan of kangaroos, wallabies or animals in general, this may interest you!
The weather is expected to be very hot and humid this week in Brampton. And, what better way to celebrate this great weather other than attending Brampton's only waterpark?
If you or your children are in need of a new bike, then look no further because Brampton Library could be giving you one for free!