If you love popcorn and movies then you won't want to miss out on this exciting deal that is coming up in Brampton.
Long gone are the days where watching Netflix was just a fun and relaxing leisurely pastime. 
The Near Year is always an exciting time. It's an opportunity for new beginnings and fresh starts.
Recently, Canadian Netflix users were hit with some bad news: The beloved streaming service is raising its prices.
Inbrampton.com previously mentioned a number of movies and TV shows that were filmed in Brampton, and given
The winter season is almost officially here. For some Canadians, this may be an incredibly exciting thing, especially if you partake in winter sports, but for others this can be very daunting.
You might not think a typical suburb that happens to be Canada’s ninth largest city would be a destination for directors to shoot their next big budget picture.
It seems like there are endless ways to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix. 
Who doesn't love a good Christmas movie? Well, besides the Grinch maybe.For those who do enjoy a nice holiday film, Cineplex is screening some classics this season in select theatres.
 Who doesn’t love a good Harry Potter movie marathon? Not many people that’s for sure.