Looking to immerse yourself in Sikh culture in a way that’s both entertaining and informative?
The city of Brampton has no shortage of artists, creators, and curators. Haviah Mighty is one of them, and she’s using her own story as a basis for her new single.
Brampton is Canada's ninth largest city and growing at a faster rate than other cities around the country. One major component of a successful city is investment in the arts.
You might not think a typical suburb that happens to be Canada’s ninth largest city would be a destination for directors to shoot their next big budget picture.
A little bit of Brampton will be at the Grey Cup this year.Alessia Cara will be performing at the 106th Grey Cup Halftime Show on Nov. 25 in Edmonton.
Do you love Drake?Of course you do.And now, you don't have to go all the way to Toronto to get clothes from the famous, homegrown rapper's clothing and lifestyle brand.
Holiday season is upon us in Brampton, and there's no need to head to the distillery district in Toronto to get your holiday spirit on (unless you want to).
Amidst a tough move from their rehearsal space after not receiving adequate support from Brampton City Council, Brampton Music Theatre has announced something exciting in the works.
Thursdays in Brampton are about to get a lot more exciting!
It’s no secret that Brampton has a growing arts and culture scene, and tons of talent has stemmed from our city.