If you're a fan of contemporary literature, especially hearing from an author in person, then this upcoming event may be for you.
Several months ago inbrampton.com reported on a new swath of affordable housing coming to Brampton.
It is no shocker that dating someone costs a little bit of money (or a lot of money depending on how fancy you are).
An upcoming documentary starring a former Brampton hockey player will finally shed some light on the reasons for his sudden retirement from the sport.
It’s no secret that Brampton boasts incredible talent, from actors, to musicians, to entrepreneurs, and beyond.And Brampton’s arts and culture scene is truly booming.
As Brampton pop star Alessia Cara gains international popularity, it’s always exciting when local talent wins awards close to home.
Big news in Brampton’s arts and culture scene!
With over a million subscribers and and more than 90 million views on their channels, this creative and hilarious Brampton-born YouTube duo is stepping up their game.
It's no secret that Brampton—a city of almost 600,000—is full of talented people.It's also, it seems, full of very smart and hardworking ones.
Bramptonians are doing big things in Brampton and far beyond it. Now, one Bramptonian and one Mississaugan are joining forces to score some epic prize money on a major game show.