While at times it could look a bit bland, downtown Brampton has seen the emergence of more stores and restaurants.
There are many people looking to foster and build on a sense of civic pride in their community, and Brampton is no exception.
There may be more opportunity for school kids to get into basketball next year.
Several months ago inbrampton.com reported on a new swath of affordable housing coming to Brampton.
Most of the stories we hear in about in Brampton and Peel Region when it comes to crime is overwhelmingly negative; more often than not we hear about crime happening in the city.
In this previous article about Brampton transit and how much funding would be required to accommodate the
This past summer, Algoma University announced they were expanding their downtown campus.
It seems that Canada's ninth largest city has made a very interesting list.
Non profits do a number of things for various aspects of communities everywhere.
With over a million subscribers and and more than 90 million views on their channels, this creative and hilarious Brampton-born YouTube duo is stepping up their game.