Four Brampton students have made Ontario’s Top Scholar list with a perfect average.
Getting old is something that affects all of us. Now a director from Brampton has made an award-winning short film about what it’s like to accept old age in the diverse culture of the city.
Locally-grown businesses are at the heart of an entrepreneurial drive, and one Brampton businesswoman has made it to broadcast television for her innovation.
A Sheridan College graduate has every reason to celebrate after winning an Oscar at the Academy Awards on Sunday evening.
We're used to seeing the brave men and women of Brampton's fire services putting out house fires, rescuing cats from trees or pulling trapped people from their cars.
Brampton is not short on celebrities who started here and then made big names for themselves. Russell Peters, Michael Cera, Alessia Cara come to mind.
If you were looking for an opportunity to see a politician do something strange an unconventional, then this weekend there is that very opportunity, but at least it’s for a good cause.
While at times it could look a bit bland, downtown Brampton has seen the emergence of more stores and restaurants.
There are many people looking to foster and build on a sense of civic pride in their community, and Brampton is no exception.
There may be more opportunity for school kids to get into basketball next year.