Get ready, Brampton, because a massive street party is about to hit the city!
Four Brampton students have made Ontario’s Top Scholar list with a perfect average.
Carabram is Brampton's annual multicultural festival with food, entertainment and education.
Math may just be one of the most important skills a student can learn while in school. And the Ontario government has plans to make math more accessible for all students.
If you’re a fan of kangaroos, wallabies or animals in general, this may interest you!
Now that summer is here, it may be time to check if your car can take the heat.
With the major heat of summer now in full force, many Bramptonians are looking for a way to keep cool. Luckily, 7-Eleven has an offer that can help!
The weather is expected to be very hot and humid this week in Brampton. And, what better way to celebrate this great weather other than attending Brampton's only waterpark?
Facebook is taking new steps toward limiting the amount of false health information spread on the site.
If you having a hard time finding something new to eat for dinner, you may want to mark an upcoming date on your calendar.