They’re back! Tim Hortons’ Smile Cookies have returned to Brampton for a limited time.
A new Playdium is officially open in Brampton and it appears to be the chain’s biggest and most ambitious location yet.
As fall approaches, the weather will start to get a bit chilly in Brampton. You may think that the cold weather will stop you from having fun trips, but you may want to hold that thought.
A Brampton company is helping NASA and the Canadian Space Agency in a big way!
Earlier, InBrampton reported that the City of Br
Although Brampton has a number of innovative plans on the books, such as Vision 2040, redeveloping Shoppers World and Riverwalk, there is always room for improvement. 
Many parents and kids may find it hard to hear that a popular gaming store is closing down in Brampton.
Calling all Friends fans!If you're itching to demonstrate how knowledgeable you are about the world of Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey and Ross, this upcoming event is for you.
Fall may almost be upon us, but there’s still time to embrace the great outdoors. And, what better way to enjoy the weather than by attending a free BBQ?
If you live in Brampton, you know that there are a ton of gorgeous, cultural, and historic properties in the city.