Long Standing Brampton Business is Closing After Over 40 Years


It's always sad when businesses with a long standing history in a community plan to go…but it happens, especially when the owners want to retire.

David-Andrew Gentlemen Clothiers, which has been operating in downtown Brampton since 1976, announced that they will be closing their doors after 41 years at their current location on 30 Main Street North.David's partner Andrew had retired 5 years ago, and David himself plans to retire this year along with another long standing employee. The business began as Tyner-Shorten Men's Clothing Store in 1969 and David subsequently acquired Bob McCarters Men's Wear in 1977.

"Many changes in the business, downtown core, shopping patterns especially online, contributed to David's decision to retire," a statement on the website stated.

With a retirement closure always comes sales. David-Andrew announced they are offering a 50 per cent sale on the entire store on February 7. However, they will be closed on February 4, 5 and 6 to prepare for the retirement sale.

David-Andrew offered a number of items (casual, denim and outerwear) from a variety of brand names such as Bugatti, Klauss Boehler, Coppley, Serica, Green Coast and Belika.

Will you be swinging by David-Andrew Gentlemen Clothiers to take advantage of their retirement sale before they close up shop in Brampton forever?

Cover photo courtesy of David-Andrew Gentlemen Clothiers’ website

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